We found a great working space in Healey Dell and began with....

Two small tables and a dressing table that has no mirror. A lot of passion, drive and determination!

This sturdy sold wood table bought from a charity shop, had been used in a community centre for practising the technique of Decoupage. Stripped back and sanded made ready for a new lease of life.

Primer applied to the four legged base. Each leg is painted in a different primary colour. Circular top covered with magnetic chalkboard paint, makes it a dual purpose child's table.

This solid pine toy box was found at a car boot sale for a bargain price. Sanded four layers of paint left this durable box ready for some distressing.

Hot air stripper worked its magic.  Coloured paint applied and more hot air stress. Sanded, varnished finished.

Quilt cover and cement can create something different

Quilt cover and cement creates a planter with a difference

Lace and cement; add a plant---complete

Plants are included in price

Each one different with its own character.

Submerging lace into cement and making sure lace is fully coated.

Place lace around mould/can/pot leave to set.

Paint when dry.